Copenhagen Light Bill

Greetings from Copenhagen
We are painting a wall at The American Embassy in Copenhagen. It’s a humble construction site fence—what I call The Permanent Temporary Home Of Graffiti. It’s an eyesore that we were tasked with making a site for sore eyes. On arrival, I realized the wall would be an ambassador to the city, so I called up a great ambassador from Denmark for some words. Hans Christian Andersen is the beloved author of The Little Mermaid and many other enduring stories, including one tale that inspired our painting, The Red Shoes. He also wrote a great poem about travel that was too wordy for our purposes, so we painted just the verbs. And since it’s November, that means means painting in the pouring rain. No problem. I’m painting Anna Karina from Godard’s classic film Bande a Parte. Her plaid skirt and tights are right in season here, and she’s dancing with verbs across a 40 meter dance floor. Move, breathe, fly, float, gain, give, roam, travel, live. Good advice for traveling and dancing in your red shoes.