You Me We

When people ask me to describe my work I tell them, “I paint love songs.” People tend to be either content or confused with that answer, probably because people are confused or content with any answer. Ask me my influences and they are all musicians. Lou Reed is a major inspiration to me: I see him in my mind’s eye as a bundle of rusty razor ribbon encircling a flourishing orchid. The fact that he was living 20 blocks from me always complicated my appreciation of his work. At any moment Lou might jump out of a doorway and tell me that all my perceptions are false, or equally weird, right. Now he’s off. No doubt, as Patti Smith eulogized, on his great big clipper ship, in his sailor suit and cap. We remain on the docks of Brooklyn, continuously unpacking the meaning of his music and free to sing his songs in any key we want.

*Please note that the colors of the prints are approximate. Merrell thinks “Set of Keys” is a lemon yellow, while Matthew thinks it is more of a chrome yellow. Steve thinks it is an Organic Unsalted Irish Butter yellow, and he is probably right.