Stephen Powers At The Strand Bookstore


The Strand Bookstore, need I say more? I do, so much more. It is 87 years old, and is a New York institution as storied and beloved as its fraternal twin The Cyclone roller coaster, also born in the calendar year of 1927. The Strand, I’m guessing, was born first—responsible and practical. The Cyclone is out for a  good time, and isn’t much for book learning. I love the Cyclone, even though she was bad for me, I didn’t care. I gave her all my time in the summer of 2005 until old man Bloomberg forbade me from seeing her. It just wasn’t meant to be. Then The Strand read me like a face, knew I couldn’t pronounce “guile,” much less possess it, and now in 2014 I spend all my free time at The Strand.

As I said to Ben Sutton over at Artnet:

“The Strand is like a church, it’s warm and it’s filled every day with devotees going up and down its aisles; our task is to add things in the quiet corners of the place that enhance the experience of being there. I think the written word has never been in a more precarious place. I gravitate to endangered places, and I think a place loaded with words is an endangered place, a rare beauty. We’re going to go to the ends of aisles in the basement, we’re going to peek around the corners of the store and we’re going to paint little tributes to writing and the act of reading, because they’re both very symbiotic creative acts.”

We are having an book signing / reading / interview-type event at The Strand on Tuesday the 25th at 7:00. I’m still waiting on requests for appearances, so depending on who agrees to sit with me will determine what kind of event we are having. I’ll show the work we’ve painted in the store, and I’ll make excuses for why we didn’t paint more. I’ll also be discussing my new book, which you can find on the table marked “Books We Love Under $40”. Its the only book on the table that isn’t covered in paint.

See you in the stacks!