A Nice Day to Fly a Kite


I feel like it’s been months since I last wrote, it’s bothering me like I’m walking around with cut hair under my collar after a haircut (it looks sharp). So here I am, scratching my neck and scratching out a letter to you.

Your girl and your daughter came past the shop a few weeks ago, all elegance and poise. Your girl has that arched eyebrow and your daughter has a perfect report card personality, together they form a wall twice as tall as the wall around you now.   Once you climb out of jail you can try climbing back into their hearts. It helped to give them some money from the painting you sold—you might of clipped one strand of barbed wire at the top of their defenses. So, PROGRESS.

I read an interview with Bernard Hopkins recently, everything he says is all saavy and cement, a real role model for you. He said the hardest part of his career was the 9 years he spent on parole. I know that’s going to be your trouble and triumph too, having to succeed in spite of everybody expecting (encouraging and enticing) you to fail. And you have to do it by yourself. At least you got some grown-ass friends to advise you. Maybe you’ll listen (maybe).

Anyway enough about you. As promised, here’s flicks of what I’m working on. I started it in April when I painted “I owe you everything,” and then i left it alone until 3 days ago, when I thought I better have something new to show you. It’s about half done now, just like my life haha!

The best work I do takes me new places, so that wall I painted when I was 16 and this painting I painted yesterday at 46 conjure the same feeling of satisfaction and suprise: I painted it because I hoped I could, I thought I could and the hope and the thought led me to a new place. Now you know what’s up, I’m getting lost in my head and selling tourist maps. The bullshit you’ve done has led you to the hole and the work you’ve done in the hole is going to lead you home. Key is in your hand, hold tight.

Anyway, I’m putting your print up for sale today, I’m sure it will do well. In the meantime, pump iron, read books! Holler!

print on cheap rag paper. It is 18″ x 24.5″ and in an edition of 75. Each print comes with a signed sticker affixed to the verso and a certificate of authenticity. They are $100 plus shipping. Send us an email at espoprints@gmail.com and we’ll send you a paypal invoice. Thank you!