Check is in the Mail

I woke up this morning out of a dream that I was hanging out with Sacha Jenkins and Adam X, at the store they worked at—a Sohozat-type store made up of a bunch of stalls. Ven was manning his station, a DJ booth with records for sale, Sacha’s operation was next to his selling magazines and cool junk. Sacha was winding down for the day while Ven was just getting started, the summer night was coming on and promising fun. Sacha was muttering to himself what he needed to do to shut down his stall and go home to his family. He unplugged the radio and stashed the lights. And he asked me if I was getting copies of his magazine at my job. I said no, I got them at home, and I had a lonely ache to make something happen, and not just hang out but put myself on and be a success like Sacha and Adam.

I realized, as I wrote that out, that’s my New York City story—that I came to New York City in 1994 to dream awake, to create, to make it happen.  All these years later, I wake up and into my dream.  I come downstairs and I go out  and look for my daily come-up, the idea and the action that propels me further into my story. It’s awesome, I mean, I am the sum of the awe I have for all the people I know who are creating throughout the boroughs. You all are the batteries in my back when I am creating.

Love Supreme to Al Maysles, the definition of a New York Creator. Just yesterday I was explaining what I do REVS (who is to Brooklyn what Al was to Manhattan) and I said, “I sell empathy for a reasonable price.” It’s a good and true line, and I learned it from Albert Maysles.

Rest Easy Al, this next ones for you from your old upstairs neighbor, John Lennon. I love this version cause he sings, “I love to watch the traffic flow.” How New York is that?