“Daymaker” at SFMOMA

It started with a few letters, literally. In 1994 Barry Mc Gee wrote me a letter and invited me to visit him in SF and me being no dummy, I went to SF. On arrival at his studio he unrolled bus shelter posters and passed me some Marsh K Grade ink (the best and very worst marker ink) and we painted the posters. I didn’t know what to paint, this was Barry’s thing, I was just happy to hang out and work in proximity with him. I painted something funny(?) about cops and Barry painted an excellent Barry Mc Gee painting, and after every thing was dry we rolled the posters up again and rode bikes downtown. Barry already had one of the keys to the city, a bus shelter key that allowed us to install the posters at Third and Minna. I had no idea where I was, and when I asked Barry explained we were between two museums and we were writing a letter of introduction. The letter declared us as available for random acts of beauty and free lance state smashing. Barry was already hired, in his 5th year of a studio practice, he was just trying to get me a job. I was inspired, but it would be a couple more years of Barry telling me “You should get your act together and open a studio” before I finally got keys of my own. In the 20 years since I fulfilled the second half of his order, I’ve been working on the first half. Feels like I’m close, 5000 days and 500 feet from where I started at SFMOMA. Thank you Barry, lunch is on me forever. Show opens tomorrow, come through, or go paint something, either/or.

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