I Get Lost to Get Found

Adam and Frankie are real dead end kids, from 38th and Avenue I, last house on the left, right up against the freight train tracks. Its a great place to raise two boys in the 70’s, like Altamont was a great place for a free concert. What could these poor boys do? Not trying to be street fighting men, and they sure as shit werent singing in a rock-n-roll band. When you live next to train tracks theres only one fate for you, you are going to cross the tracks. At that time In Brooklyn, that was a really really bad idea . . .”

Im lost in Flatbush writing a story about Frankie Bones and Adam X. Its about coming of age in Brooklyn and growing thru the 70s 80s and 90’s. Its got music, graffiti, trains, violence, murder, more graffiti, more violence, more music, a suitcase with 2000 ecstasy pills, money, way more music, trespassing. illegal raves, money more money, mobsters, more violence, peace love unity respect, cops, more cops, too many cops, international fame, and the likely success and the unlikely survival of two great Brooklyn Brothers. i should pitch it to New York Magazine, anybody know anybody over there? holla.