I’m Here For You

Nice weather, huh? The door is open at the shop and a 70 degree breeze strolls in from time to time. People on 4th Ave are on the verge of smiling, instead of riding the edge of rage like they do on hot, hazy and humid days. We’re productive in this weather, making paintings and signs and constructing jokes, like: I’m thinking of quitting being an artist, it’s too sketchy.
Anyway, as sweet as the air is on this noisy stretch of 4th avenue, I am reopening Studio Gangster, my original creative outlet on Broadway in Tribeca. I’ll be splitting my time between ICY SIGNS (72 4th Ave in Brooklyn) and Studio Gangster (Broadway and White Sts.), and I hopefully will achieve a balance of social and solitude that will yield the best work. I’ll let you know how it goes. While I’m on Broadway, ICY SIGNS will be open everyday for your sign and art  needs, come thru!

Thank you, see you on Broadway, see you on Fourth Ave!