Living the Best Life I Can

Its my birthday and I’m going to celebrate like i do everyday, by living the best life I can. So allow me take you on my route and please keep up, I’m moving fast.

9:00am: Roll past the Strand Bookstore and try to figure out what Im gonna put on the big black space I left blank. No idea, so Im getting coffee

9:05am: In Clementine Take-Out on West Broadway and White. Im taking measurements for a sign they need here, but Im really seeing what the soup specials are today. Oh they have the African Peanut Soup?! I’ll be back.

9:15am: Studio Gangster. Tim Curtis has already been here painting for 2 hours, he calls me a “nut ass old head” as I come through the door. I clap back and paint on a canvas or three and play records until that soup is ready.

12:15pm: ICY SIGNS. Here on what one blogger called “a quiet stretch of 4th avenue” (its never quiet) I see whats up with the Phoenician Magician Matthew Kuborn. I’ll doodle on prints and play records.

2:00pm: Brooklyn Museum. here in the 5th floor rotunda, right about now, the light is so amazing its like being inside a soft light bulb. I get right to it and play some music and paint an idea or two.

4:00pm: Tim and I riding bikes as fast as we can over the manhattan Bridge. Tim is kid cardio, he’s in top condition and 15 years younger than me. It doesn’t matter, I drop him like a dollar in a tip jar and he again screams “nut ass old head!”

4:15pm: Beggars Group corporate campus. Beggars Group is a record company that puts out and distributes a lot of my favorite music. Im painting a mural in their office and paying a little back for the decades of inspiration I have drawn from the music. I’ll also take a large box of records from the warehouse. I’m adding a couple ideas here and will circle back another day, maybe when they get more copies of the new Steve Gunn record. I need 5.

5:15pm: Strand Bookstore. The Strand has 18 miles of books and the aisles are populated with smart people who appreciate culture. Its populated enough to qualify as a neighborhood, and I am grateful to serve the community as an in-house artist, roaming around and painting work in the corners of this great new york institution. I mostly paint logotypes about reading and writing, and I allow myself the distraction of reading a page or three of whatever catches my eye. Im painting a large book on that black space and I screw up the grammar on the title. Perfection is standard, mistakes cost extra. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

TOMORROW! Its already almost tomorrow. Let me run home and have dinner with my family and lets go to bed. I cant wait to do it again. The last word is the motto courtesy of Tim Curtis: NEVER ONE DAY NOT HAVING FUN.