Miami Scribble Scrabble

The best thing I like about graffiti? It goes away. I go and dump 50 cans of paint and theres a 50/50 chance that 50%of the graffiti I painted is going to be gone in 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds. Those are great odds, even Stephen! The truth is if it all stayed up I would stay pressed by the pressure that being such a presence puts on a person. Know why? I wrote my name on somebody’s wall. and maybe some people that dont have money think its cool, but every body with money wants me dead and would laugh if I got run down in the street. The graffiti that doesnt get painted over is on places that rich people dont care about and it cant be seen from places rich people care about. Its on that graffiti that I built my reputation.

Having my graffiti buffed takes the death wish spell off me. People that wanted me in agony have let it go and refresh their anger on some newer nuisance. And the positive memories remain, because it’s our universal pastime to reminisce over what was once cool that no longer exists.

It’s to the dream of your future reminiscing that I dedicate this graffiti titled “Poetry In Place” that I painted with (sorry so snitchy) Mike Levy in Miami Beach on the Carlton Hotel at 12th and Collins. It took 44 cans of spray paint and 5.5 days to paint. I painted it like the (segway) cops were coming, my only thought besides freedom was to crush the entire wall and spray my real feels in orange, black, and teal. Who cares what it says, its just some scribble scrabble anyway.

This graffiti getting painted over on Tuesday, May 12th. Good Riddance to Bad (bad good, not bad bad) Rubbish. Good graffiti gets painted out; Always. The best goes first, the fifty percent that survives the first fifty hours gets fifty percent buffed every fifty hours until your left with the .050 percent that is the worst graffiti you painted. Every time!  Im sorry about that, I know it looks corny, I’ll buff it out the next time I’m over that way. Hopefully that old lady that paints over the graffiti on the street signs gets there soon and saves me the trouble.

This high class vandalism was sponsored by the Knight Foundation and The O Miami Poetry Festival and The Betsy Hotel, Miami Beach. Thank you!


Photos by Matthew Kuborn