Music Keeps Me On Track

The groove of an record is made of two slopes that meet in the middle, one slope contains the left channel signal and the other the right channel signal. When the needle hits the groove both signals are transmitted as stereo sound. Mono means its the same signal on both sides, double the signal is louder which is always better. Although mono is ideal, we’re living in stereo, with two ears, and two sets of data; Highs and lows combine for our total experience.

I drop a needle in the groove of my life and I have highs and lows to blast out my speaker to you today. On the high end is EASY, the new Justin Peck Ballet at the New York Ballet, for which I had the honor of designing the backdrop It’s a wild thrill to see dancers in the costumes that Reid and Harriet designed to share my palette, performing in front of my artwork, inside of the gold leaf jewelry box that Lincoln Center. I’ll go to the premiere and take a bow with the cast, I’m sure It will be like walking on the moon.

Just as high, in Los Angeles, on the same night, is the opening of Beyond The Streets, an exhaustive and exhilarating exhibition of the post-street-graffiti-art scene. It’s exhaustive because all my contemporaries (and then some) are participating; Exhilarating because in 2018 I have finally have full command of my artistic voice. I started with one word (ESPO) in 1999, and in the 19 year meantime I have learned to use all the other words in a way of speaking that is all my own.  And now, on the third day of May, 2018, my fully realized art looks like this:

What are the lows in this mix of greatness?  I’m realizing too many and too petty, so why cut the euphoria with complaints? I’ll master this song in mono then blast it as loud as the speakers can handle it. When the neighbors show up to complain, I’ll invite them in and we’ll dance. You see what it looks like in my art, and it sounds like Double Dutch Bus by Frankie Smith.