On My Way

The kids grow fast, and the time goes fast, so lets get it done for the duns! THE PS3 ART AUCTION IS LIVE with blue chip art at corn chip prices! Art by Lawrence Weiner, James Rosenquist, Kenny Scharf, Jules Feiffer, Chris Stein, Me and many more talented supporters of PS3. http://paddle8.com/auction/ps3 Its gonna rock till the gavel drops. thank you artists and Paddle8.

Albright is a Brooklyn resident that might be 5 foot flat in flats who interrupted me at the shop after hours while I was painting a few months back.  I remember I was a little rude, then remorseful, and I welcomed her inside the shop and gave her the grand tour of all 350 sq. ft. of our flagship. Albright took it all in and said, “This is poetry.” I said “I hope so.” She left and promised to return, and today she breezed in, saying “I was walking across Livingston Street and I saw the 99.9 sign . . .” I nodded, knowing she was talking about the Macy’s garage we painted in 2011 at the corner of Hoyt.  Albright told a man at the bus stop “I think my friend Stephen painted this” he responded that it was painted years ago, and Albright said ” Did you see on the other side it says Turn To Me I See Eternity?” The guy at the bus stop says “No. That guy is really saying something.” Albright is telling me this standing in the shop doorway with her shopping cart in front of her loaded with her haul from Fulton Mall, at a moment I was feeling down.  I immediately understood that this is my success, that regardless of whatever is selling at the art fair, or is breaking records at the auction, my wealth is the worth people place in my work when they see it at the bus stop. Thanks for the battery in my back Brooklyn, see you when you see me!

Photos by Matthew Kuborn