Poetry in Place in Miami

Miami Beach is as beautiful as ever. Its bright, hot, loud and laid. Shopping? You know we were at Sunsations copping flourescent orange board shorts and the matching SUNS OUT GUNS OUT tank top. Nightlife? You know we watched ten live episodes of Jersey Shore just standing on Washington Ave, when we saw too much we wheeled up and walked straight into the ocean. Lunch? Jugo Fresh was a solid $50 (US) at the Street Art Petting Zoo called Wynwood Walls. Culture? O man, OMiami Poetry Festival has poetry popping all April. And they made sure we’d have a home to paint as our own. I was Poet-in-Residence at The Carlton Hotel, directly behind their mothership The Betsy Hotel. They provided us with a blank wall, spraypaint, several 5 dollar coffees and above all accommodation, not only for the suite but the sweet sweet creative freedom to spray some Espoetry.

Miami, a destination and destiny. I was working inside the service industrial complex, so a lot of what I wrote was about the everyday life of the hotel, and what people get from the hotel experience. I like that its a box of sin and a place of peace, that its always in a state of change but maintains stability, like the tides a block away.

So as a poet who am I reading? O all the usual suspects, but Miami for me is (now) Campbell Mcgrath and Hyam Plutzik. Campbell McGrath writes clear and direct, Hyam Plutzik is an allegorical dreamer. Both of them spent time in New York and miami, and both of them work the words to a fine finish.

And now me three! Im proud to join them, even if its just on a time share basis

OMiami don’t ever change.