Possibility Exists, Next Turn

All the problems and the potential of the world are human. To be human is to roll around in these flawed and perfect vehicles that are our bodies. We possess nothing but possibility when we are born and we own nothing but our experiences as we die. Your life is a drive home. Regardless of how you go, you start and end up in the same place as everyone else. Maybe your parents give you keys, maybe you found a screwdriver and made it work, but the route you take is your own.

Look at this road I’m on, strewn with thousands of problems, each one  good reason to give up and go back to bed. Some of those problems are my own fault, the rest are the faults of others. Its hard enough to work in spite of the mistakes I have made, but to push on because another has made the error is twice as hard; it requires forgiving the error and accepting the error as my own. If I think about all the problems it should be too much, I should be ready to get a beer, sit on the curb and wait for the trash truck to take me away. But there is a spark that turns the engine over every morning and gets me down the stairs and out on the street to route through the day. ar every corner I grow more amazed at my capacity to continue.

It’s senseless momentum, devoid of any rational thought, powered by a battery at the core of my being that is pure love and the undefeated hope that life will be better for my efforts. so I go on. Maybe I’ll figure it all out today,  I’ll get some air in the tire and see what goes on. Wherever this day goes, even if its off a cliff, I’ll keep going, because I love you all.

This is a road sign, for wayfinding a way to a new possibility. It is a hand-pulled screen print titled “Endless possibilities. It is 6″x24” in three colors on 335 gsm Coventry Rag. It was printed in our Forth Avenue print shop by Matt and Jake, and I signed and numbered each one in this edition of 50. It’s direction and reflection and its $125 plus shipping. Or you can just remember it as you roll along. Thats free as you and me should be.

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