Pressures off to enjoy, now we can just endure


There is a scribble on my wall that I wrote in a dark moment years ago that calls out to me today, “Pressures off to enjoy, now we can just endure”. Regardless of your vote or nationality, we are all in the same boat, a vessel 24,901 miles in circumference that is already being tossed in the rising tide of change. I’m an empath, a sign writer, a painting blues artist with an open door on Fourth Avenue, and ever since November 9th, people come into my world looking for a sign of whats going on.

I picked a hell of a time to get out of the sign business haha. I don’t want to be a sign writer that makes art, I want to make art with the elegant carelessness of a sign writer. So ICY SIGNS is now back home in Philadelphia under the steady hand of Mike Levy (get in touch for ICY signage) and ESPO’s ART WORLD is open in Brooklyn to sell art. As an artist, I make a living out of just living. I draw from life and I brush it out as fast and direct as I can. I make paintings that read like signs, but are for emotional wayfinding. Hard times are good times to share directions. Im sure these days places of worship are doing more walk-in business. I know the bars in my neighborhood are busier, and we at ESPO’s Art World are seeing a steady uptick in seekers of art that shows a way onward. Art is solace, a refuge built with empathy that allows you to feel communion when you are alone. Art that is solace is service, and service is my only product.

Everybody with a smartphone is in now in touch with their tribe regardless of geography. We can shut out all other voices and only embrace the views that we can use to justify a myopic world view in our own echo chambers. The rise of tribal behavior has brought us to a teen age. In 2017 the world is acting like its 17 years old, filled with all the mean insecurity and violent fear of our most awkward phase. Humanity is in for a difficult and well overdue growth period while we learn our lessons again, hopefully for good. As soon as we progress out of this messy era,  I see a tremendous leap forward for humankind,  I feel the pull of tomorrow on my brush as it glides on the canvas. I hear echoes of tomorrow in music, I read it in books and I see it when Simone Byles sticks the landing. We are evolving, but evolution wont allow us to skip class. We are going to grow up and out of this no matter who is trying to rewind the time. As I’m writing this, the softest vanilla melody of 70’s AM gold radio just hit me, and I quote it without irony as my current anthem of dissent, courtesy of The Brotherhood of Man; “If the world around you falls apart, I’ll still be here, and if the going gets too hard along the way, then you call out here. United we stand, divided we fall, and if our backs should ever be against the wall, we’ll be together, together you and I” (Repeat 8x) While our backs are against the wall, have some good art in view to put the feelings into words and match the words to your feelings.